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Episode 17 USA CRITS: Harlem Skyscraper Classic

Fisher Curran | 2018

Fisher Curran | 2018

We just raced Tulsa! What a weekend... whew! A true couple days of throwing down in Oklahoma: Blue Dome, Brady Arts and River Parks all done and dusted. Fisher (yes, we coerced him into a podcast appearance...) and Steve chat about the current USA Crits standings and look forward to the classic Harlem Skyscraper Criterium in NYC. With special team appearances by Elevate KHS and also the individual pedigree of registered racers like Justin Williams, this year's crit is shaping up to be a fast one. Four corners, pancake flat and lots of speed. Let's hope it doesn't live up to the infamous "Skinscraper" nickname... Take a listen.

Steve M. Cullen