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Special: SpeedWeek—Dan Holloway

No conversation about American Crits can be had without bringing up Dan “Hollywood” Holloway, the most misunderstood character in American racing. In the last three years he has—no exaggeration—won every major criterium in the United States, no matter whom he is racing against or with. Like Pete Sagan (or rather Davis Phinney), manufacturing wins on every course, against everybody, all year long, is Dan's morning pastry. But despite, or maybe because of that, he is not universally embraced in the criterium community—simultaneously at the center of the action, but outside the sport's mainstream. The fact is this: of opinions about the man, there are lots, but of understanding, very little. Over the last few years, I’ve spent some time around him and found not the Darth Vader I was foretold, but rather, a more swashbuckling and downhome Han Solo in a skin suit. In this in-depth episode I sat down with Dan the afternoon before Spartenburg Twilight, the 4th stop on SpeedWeek to basically, just talk with him. Which is something everyone should finally take the time to do.

Steve M. Cullen